wax melt


Easy to snap segments

you choose how strong the fragrance is in your room

We all know how gorgeous and also how addictive wax melts can be, so we have devised a subscription service to give you a discounted rate for ordering one of our monthly packages below.

Every month you will receive your selected amount of Melt Pods that are in 6 easy to separate segments so you can choose how many you would like to melt at any given time.

Subscriptions are set up for all wax addicts

1. Love my wax melts £8.00 per month = 3 Meltpods

2. Think I'm slightly addicted £13.00 per month = 6 Meltpods

3. WARNING Wax Melt addict!! £20.50 per month = 10 Meltpods

All subscriptions will automatically renew monthly and the cut-off date for this month is the 25th. 

If you order before the 25th you will receive this months package if you subscribe after you will receive the following months package.

All boxes after your first initial order will be sent out in the first week of the following month.

Example:- If your first order is placed on the 25th July you will receive your first smile pods after 5 business days.

Your next payment will be on the 25th August and you will then receive your next box in the first week of September, and the first week of the following months that you are subscribed.

Subscription boxes are sent out within 5 working business days so you won't have long to wait until your beautiful scents are permeating through your rooms.

Cancellations can be done at any time after the first month